Sugar and Spice Art and Fashion Show

Posted on May 18, 2010


So, I guess this is my first post. What an awesome time for me to lose my camera charger, right?

Anyway. Sugar and Spice Art and Fashion Show. The event was held in the Industrial District of Downtown Los Angeles, which if you’re not familiar with the area, is kind of an apocalyptic wasteland. A lot of the apparel manufacturing jobs have left LA, so that means a fair share of abandoned factories, broken windows, and sketchy hobos. However, the inside of the building that held the show couldn’t have been further away from all of that. The concrete floors and insulation for ceilings were easily ignored due to the entire interior of the space being absolutely coated in art. There were dozens of artists represented on the walls, many of them completely brilliant. Photographers, painters, graphic artists, there was even a textile artist in the mix. The textile designer, Enam Gbewonyo was amazing. If you want to check her out her website is In the pieces she had displayed she had taken black plastic, burned it out, and embroidered over it. It created this beautiful spider web effect. Definitely read more about her on her site if you can. She’s really nice too.

Now, what I was really there for. The fashion show. Standing spot in the second row slightly off to stage left. Drunk chick with an eye patch rubbing her tits all over me. 19 designers. At least 5 pieces per designer.  Over an hour of straight fashion show deliciousness right into my veins. EPIC.

Well, kind of. I was really disappointed at the amount of tacky shit and t-shirts that were allowed on the runway. Out of the 19 designers represented, at least 10 of them I could have easily done without. However, there were also a few that were completely awesome and I would love to see more from in the future.

Photo by Martin Luong

LSD Fashion LAB

The obvious crowd favorite of the show was LSD Fashion LAB by Phuong Tran, an accessory designer. And, well, I definitely agreed with the mob of cheering fans. They were so fucking on-trend I couldn’t help but love it. Personally, I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga. So when they straight up copied her glasses from the “Telephone” video, it kind of lost some points with me.

Photo by Martin Luong

LSD Fashion LAB

But other than that, everything else was absolutely inspiring. It’s few and far between to find an amateur designer with such a strong point of view. If she can continue to adapt to the ever changing pop scene, that girl is going somewhere.

Favorite #2! Was Candyspooky by Laura Brown.

Photo by Martin Luong

Candyspooky Clothing

No, not because she’s my girlfriend and I’m playing favorites. Duh. But because she was one of the most obviously different designers there. You could see that there was thought put into her pieces that conveyed a definite aesthetic. From her choice of models with pink and blue hair, to her color palette, to fabric choice, everything made sense. I thought all of the pieces successfully walked the thin line between cute and sexy versus childish and trashy. There was also a complexity to some of the pieces that was simply missing in the sea of plain cropped tube tops that seemed to pervade the collection of many of the other designers.

My final favorite of the show was called Common Wealth by Daniel Telles.

Photo by Martin Luong

Common Wealth by Daniel Telles

Some of the silhouette and fabric choices were a little iffy. There was this spider web fabric that was in a few of the pieces that I’m pretty sure I saw in the discount Halloween section at Jo-Anns. Kinda cheesy. And there was a male model in a crop top that was kinda weird. But other than that, very promising. Legitimately interesting silhouettes. Neat use of polka dot fabric. And this skirt that had layers of alternating layers of solid and lace fabric was absolutely beautiful.

Hopefully I’ll have my own camera up and running soon so I can make future event posts a little more comprehensive.

One final note. I have been to quite a few independent fashion shows and I’ve noticed a common theme through just about all of them. I don’t know what it is that makes people think that fashion show means tits and ass flashing EVERYWHERE is totally acceptable. It’s not a strip show. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If one of your pieces happens to have a sheer top and it’s done tastefully, that’s fine. But I’ve seen multiple collections with sheer tops, sheer bottoms, and dresses so short you see the model’s cheeks poking out under the dress. While I guess the free show is appreciated, it’s not even close to classy. Or salable. If you want to be taken seriously, take the sexiness from explicit to implied. Don’t show the model’s boobs, but instead make a top that fits so well they look totally slammin’. At these low levels of the fashion ladder it looks so much more sophisticated.

Well, that’s my less than professional opinion anyway.


all photos by Martin Luong

check them out!

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